Terms of sale

The offer and sale of our products are ruled by these General Conditions of Sale. The products present on Vigostore.it are directly sold by VigorS.r.L.. If you need further information, go to the Contact Area or to Clients Service (+39) 0733812636. For legal information consult the sections: General Use Conditions and Privacy Policy.

1. How to conclude a contract

For concluding a contract of purchase of one or more products on Vigostore.it ,you have to fill out an order form in electronic format and transmit it electronically, following the instructions. A summary of the General Conditions of Sale and information about the essential characteristics of the product are included in the order form, besides the price ( including taxes), means of payment that you can utilize for purchasing any product, formalities for delivering a purchased product, shipping and delivery costs, conditions for the exercise of your right of withdrawal and modalities and timing for the restitution of a purchased product. The contract will be concluded when VIGOR srl receives your order form, that may be liable to verification about the correctness of the data concerning your order.

Before purchasing a product, through sending an order form, you will be required to read carefully the General Conditions of Sale and confirm their acceptation, selecting the relative sector. The order form will be saved in our database for the time we need to process the order or anyway according to the law. Before proceeding to the transmission of the order form, you will also be required to identify and correct any data entry errors.

As the contract is concluded, VIGOR SrL will take in load your purchase order. VIGOR SrL may refuse such orders that don't give sufficient guarantees of solvency, that are either incomplete or not correct and in case of unavailability of the products. Then VIGOR SrL will take charge of informing you, via e-mail, that there is no possibility to conclude the contract and to process the order, explaining the reasons.

In case the products presented onVigostore.it are no longer available or are sold out, either when you made your last access to the website or when you send the order form, VIGOR srl will take care to comunicate you soon (in any case not over 30 days after the next day you made the order) the possible unavailability of the ordered products. If you had already trasmitted the order form and had already paid , VIGOR srl will refund you the price you paid.

By sending the order form, you accept unconditionally and you agree to observe, in dealing with VIGOR srl, these General Conditions of Sale. If you do not share some of the terms listed in the General Conditions of Sale, please do not submit the order form for the purchase of our products.

By the trasmission of the order form you confirm to share and accept the General Use Conditions and the Privacy Policy. Once the contract is concluded, VIGOR srl will acknowledge, via mail, receipt of your purchase order, which includes a summary of the information written in your order form such as the General Conditions of Sale, information about the essential characteristics of the product,. a detailed composition of price and means of payment, your withdrawal right and delivery charges.

2. Warranty and indications of prices

Original and good quality products are exclusively sold on Vigostore.it . They are made by VIGOR srl in its own factory under a strict control of quality. Every product sold on Vigostore.it is provided with a product data sheet. The colours of the images of the products sold on Vigostore.it might be different to the real ones due to an Internet Browser error or the monitor fault. The prices of the products may be subject to updating. Make sure of the real prices before sending your order form. VIGOR SrL, in case you exercise your right of withdrawal, may not accept the restitution of those products that have been altered in their qualitative characteristics or damaged.

3. Ways of payments

You can find the formality of payment and relative costs in the order form . If you pay by Credit Card, any financial information ( for example credit card number, expiration date and so on) will be gathered through the cryptographic system SSL (Secure Socket Layer) run by Pay Pal,the Provider of electronic payment services, that will assure you the maximum of secrecy. The information referring to your Credit Card will never be visualized by VIGOR SrL. Only the information concernig ways of payments will be used by VIGOR S.r.L. to carry on the purchasing procedures and to issue refunds, when products are returned or in case to prevent a fraud or to signal it to the Police. The price of the products you want to buy, the shipment and delivery expenses, as you can read in your order form, will be charged on your Credit Card when the products are sent.

4. Expedition and delivery of goods

Please pay attention to the indications about the General Conditions of Sale present in this section, because is supposed you had already known and had accepted them integrally, before transmitting your order form.

5. Clients assistence

You may require information to VIGOR SrL through our assistance services called “CLIENTS SERVICE”.
For further explanation or complaints call the following VIGOR SrL number: (+39) 0733812636

6. Withdrawal right

The client has the right to withdraw from the contract with VIGOR SrL, with no penalty and without explaining the reason, within ten (10) days from receiving the products bought on Vigostore.it. We take back only well preserved in their original packaging and unused items Send back the articles together with the shipping list per ordinary post to the following address:
Vigor SrL via Edmondo De Amicis n. 28 Civitanova Marche (MC) 62012 ITALIA

Keep the shipping list and the post receipt of the returned package for possible explanations. You will receive the refund by a check equivalent to the goods value. In case of payment through Credit Card the refund will be credited on your Card. The post expenses to return goods are charged to clients, unless the restitution is due to our expedition error. Fixed contribution and labeling law are not refunded.

For the replacement of an article, send us a comunication using the “CONTACT AREA” and selecting the sector: “REPLACEMENT PRODUCTS”. You should sign name and second name, the order code, the product that has to be substituted and the new product you want to buy.
The Vigorstore Team will inform you about the availability of the product, the possible difference in price and specifications of redelivery of the previously ordered product.

You will get back the new product within ten days (10) from receiving of the returned goods.
The shipping rate will be free.

If timing and modality will be not respected for the exercise of your withdrawal right, as written in section 7, you will not be refunded by VIGOR SrL; anyway you can get back, at your charge, the same products you had returned to VIGOR SrL. Whether you don't want the products back, VIGOR SrL can keep both the products and the money already paid.

7. Times and formality of refund

After the restitution of the products, VIGOR srl will check the conformity of the same to the conditions specified in the previous paragraph. If the check is positive, VIGOR srl will send you, via email, the acceptation of the restituition of the products. Whatever mode of payment you used, the refund is turned from VIGOR srl within thirty (30) days from the date on which VIGOR srl is aware of the exercise of your right of withdrawal, after verification of the correct execution of your right of withdrawal and acceptance of returned products.

When there is no correspondance between the consignee of the products as indicated in the order form and the one who actually paid the money to purchase the products, the refund of money, in case of withdrawal, will be executed by VIGOR srl towards the person who made the payment.
The actual repayment on the Credit Card from your account depends on your Credit Card Company
but usually occurs within 30 days.

You can get information about the processing of personal data, entering in the Privacy Policy section. Please read our General Use Conditions where there are important indications about the treatment of personal data of the users and the Security System we adopted. For further information on our Privacy Policy you can inquire writing either to our email address: privacy@vigorstore.it or to our Legal Center: Vigor SrL via Edmondo De Amicis n. 28 Civitanova Marche (MC) 62012 ITALIA.

8. Applicable law and dispute resolution

The General Conditions of Sale are modified from time to time in accordance with possible normative changes .The new General Conditions of Sale will be effective from the date of publication on Vigorstore.it.