Quality and technology

It is the first plantar support that goes beyond the idea of confort. Infact, thanks to the over 40 years experience in searching new solutions, to-day VIGOR is putting on the market a series of ergonomically-designed insoles characterized by differentiated density areas and based on foot stress in the different parts of the insole. This particular structure fits to the sole of the foot and minimizes the counterblows protecting joints, intervertebral discs and backbone, giving support and stability for a correct posture during walking.

An insole for each footwear 
To increase the adaptability to the different types of footwears, VIGOR SrL made insoles with specific density and profiles, taking into account the shape and purpose for which each shoe has been designed.

Technology and confort
The ergonomic -design, the differentiated density areas and the care in the choise of materials, give a pleasant sensation of softness while walking and the insole remains soft and flexible over time.

First quality raw materials
Manufactured in pure anti-slip latex , Vigor insoles are made of untreated leather and natural pigments which hinders the onset of allergies, keeping their functional characteristics over time.

Healtht climate
The particular drilling "Vigor Air-system", present in each Vigor insole, provides a high degree of air circulation while keeping the foot pleasantly fresh and ensuring a healthy internal climate.